• PLATO'S CAVE | Mocha Brown - Allegory Story

PLATO'S CAVE | Mocha Brown

$ 15.00

ABOUT THE COLOR: A warm mocha brown shade.

ABOUT LIP GLOSS: A creamy, moisturizing, pigmented lip gloss with a touch of vanilla scent.

ABOUT THE FORMULA: Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free & Gluten Free. Filled in U.S.A.

TIPS: Wear it alone or layer with lipstick to create the look of fuller lips.

ABOUT THE NAME: Plato's Cave is a reference to the allegorical work by Plato, the Greek philosopher. He wrote the Allegory of the Cave in his work, The Republic, as a way to represent the effects of education and the lack of it in our nature.  The story is about a gathering of people chained and imprisoned inside a cave. The prisoners are only able to see shadows from the outside world that are reflected on a blank wall by a fire in the cave. The shadows are as close as the prisoners get to viewing reality and know of nothing else. A prisoner will only realize the figures are not reality once they are released from the cave to see the real world.