• ORWELL | Brown-Nude - Allegory Story

ORWELL | Brown-Nude

$ 17.00

ABOUT THE COLOR: A soft brown-nude shade.

ABOUT LIQUID LIPSTICK: This product applies to the lips as a liquid formula and dries down to a matte finish that can last up to 8 hours.

HOW TO USE: Using the doe foot applicator, carefully apply liquid product to lips. Wait 60 seconds to allow your lips to dry down to a matte finish.

TIPS: 1) For preparation, exfoliate and dry your lips. 2) For application, use a lip liner to define the edge of your lips. 3) For removal, use an oil-based product.

ABOUT THE FORMULA: Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Gluten Free. Filled in U.S.A.

ABOUT THE NAME: George Orwell's novel Animal Farm, tells the story of animals on a farm as a Political Allegory of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and the Communist Revolution in Russia. The animals represent the greed and corruption of the revolution while showing how those in power can change the ideology of a nation.