• ICARUS | Metallic Gold - Allegory Story

ICARUS | Metallic Gold

$ 13.00

ABOUT THE COLOR: A metallic gold with bronze shimmer.

ABOUT EYESHADOW: This product applies to the eye lids as a shimmering shadow and that can last up to 8 hours.

HOW TO USE: Using an eyeshadow brush or your finger (wet or dry), swipe the desired amount of pressed shadow from the pot and apply product to the desired area of the eye lid(s) and blend back-and-forth for even outcome. 

TIPS: 1) For application, use an eyeshadow brush for best results. 2) For maximum payout, wet the brush before swiping the product from the pot. 3) For removal, use a makeup remover.

ABOUT THE FORMULA: Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Gluten Free. Filled in U.S.A.

ABOUT THE NAME: In Greek mythology, Icarus is the son of Daedalus, a craftsman that constructed wings of wax & feathers so his son could escape from Crete. Icarus' father warns him not to fly too high or the sun's heat will melt his wings. Icarus ignored his father's instructions and his wings melt and he falls into the sea. The myth is an allegorical story for hubris.