Founded in 2016, Allegory Story is an indie makeup brand based in New York City that looks to art + literature for inspiration. The meaning of Allegory is a story in which characters and events are symbols that stand for ideas about human existence. Each of our shades reference an allegorical theme with abstract meaning about beauty + life. Allegory Story encourages you to think about the deeper meanings and layers of beauty that surround us and the artistic experience we all have with makeup.


The founder of Allegory Story, Amanda, is a makeup collector at heart. She first discovered her love for makeup as a young girl collecting nail polish and chapstick in every color. Her passion for makeup led her on a path in the beauty & fashion world. In 2016, Amanda launched her own cosmetic brand combining her 2 favorite things: makeup + art. Each of her shades are inspired by classical art or literature with many allegorical references. Amanda believes that makeup is an emotional experience where everyone should feel inspired from the moment they glance at their makeup all the way to applying it to their face and stepping outside (or staying inside and taking selfies!)


Allegory Story's mission is to build a luxurious cosmetic brand that offers carefully curated colors with whimsical packaging that will inspire the artist in all of us.