Valentine's Day is almost here and nothing excites us more than a holiday that is all about candy & chocolates!

In order to celebrate our sweet Valentine (you), we added 2 NEW shades to our Matte Liquid Lipstick Collection. The new colors have the same matte formula as our previous shades with a 100% transfer & smudge proof finish. Our liquid lipstick is super strong and durable, so be prepared to rock the color for hours. 

The first shade, 'CUPIDO', is Latin for desire and the epitome of a sweet lilac pink. It is pretty, feminine and the perfect pink shade to wear year-round. 

The second shade, 'FOLLY', is a foolish allegorical character but a serious dark chocolate brown. It is rich, bold and will add more variety to your neutral liquid lipstick collection.

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, just remember, it is always important to treat yourself to something sweet! 


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