Pink or Blue: Which are you?

What's a girl to do when she can't choose between 2 things she loves...she picks both, of course! For our first Allegory Story blog post, we want to share images of the lip gloss packaging our founder and her team have been developing for the past 6 months.

When our founder first created the packaging concept, she envisioned the cap to be a metallic blue with solid white clouds floating around. After many iterations of different colors and decorations (even a matte black cap with solid white clouds), she ultimately decided to make the decoration more abstract with outlined holographic clouds.

During the development phase, they also came upon the perfect shade of pink and she couldn't decide between the original blue cap or a feminine, pink cap. The pink reminded her of cotton candy clouds and the blue was electric yet calming. During the final collaboration stage before going into production, we all loved both colors depending on our mood, so we ultimately picked both for our first collection!

Tell us, Pink or Blue, which are you?? xo, Allegory Story